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My digital shack turns one year old

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on November 18, 2011 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (0)

My digital shack turns one year old this week. It was exactly the same time last year when I was able to dive into the wonderful digital modes such as JT65, PSK, RTTY, and WSPR. Among these modes, JT65 and PSK are my favorite and these tops the QSO count in my logbook.

The following are the things which compose my modest digital shack:

1. Yaesu FT-817 Transceiver

- I got this little wonder from the PARA auction on a good bargain. This rig has been performing nicely even with the QRP power of 5 watts.

2. Tigertronics Signalink USB

- I bought this from DX Engineering. This digital interface is easy to use. It has built-in sound controller, so you just need a USB connection to the computer. The transmit and receive levels are adjusted on the knobs in front of the unit. Works flawlessly with my FT-817 and Lenovo X61 Notebook.

3. LDG Z817 Autotuner

- Got this from W4RT.com. A good compliment for my Diamond W-8010 5- band Trapped Dipole wire antenna. Tuning is done with one push of the button.

4. Elecraft W1 SWR/Power meter

- this is the first kit I ever built, I got this from Elecraft.com. It's a very good QRP SWR/Power meter. Sensitive enough to recognise the QRP signal of my FT-817. It has a data port that you can hook-up to a serial port to get real time SWR and power reading.

5. Ham Radio Deluxe Software

- feature-rich ham software which do stuffs like CAT control, digital mode, logbook and a whole alot more. I'm using a homebrew cable for CAT control.

6. JT65-HF Software

- main software for JT65 mode.

Please click the link to view my QSO activity and map.

My Activity (eQSL.cc)

My QSO Map (HRDLog.net)

My QSO Map (Google Map)

Catch you on the air soon.

EPC, DMC, and CDG Membership

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on November 16, 2011 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (1)

My station is now a member of the following prestigious digital mode clubs:

European PSK Club 

EPC#16766 <Certificate>

Digital Modes Club

DMC#04853 <Certificate>

Croatian Digital Group

CDG#0694 <Certificate>

I'm waiting also for my membership approval from the Belgian Digital Mode (BDM) Club.

I learned that these clubs are offering awards for members showing proof of digital QSO's.

I will prepare my one year worth of logs and see if I'm eligible for such awards.

73 to All!


Jan-5-2012 Update:

DV1VHK Radio Station is now a member of Belgium Digital Modes Club (Dec-20-2011) and European ROS Club (Jan-5-2012):

 Belgium Digital Modes Club

  BDM#01639 <Certificate>

 European ROS Club

  ERC#0763 <Certificate>

eDX (50 Confirmed Countries) Award for the QRP Station of DV1VHK

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on September 6, 2011 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Claimed the 2nd eQSL.cc award for eDX50.

I would like to thank the latest 5 stations who completed the 50 confirmed countires:

  1. 2M0YIO Brian - Scotland
  2. 4S7BRG Mario - Sri Lanka
  3. 4Z1TL Isaac - Israel
  4. JT1F Ulaanbaatar DX Club - Mongolia
  5. SV1BDO/3 Sotiris - Greece

And a lot of thanks as well for the other 20 stations.

KMPW Award for the Radio Station DV1VHK

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on June 17, 2011 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I received a second award for my QRP station. This time it's the KMPW (1000 Miles Per Watt) award from QRP Amateur Radio Club International.

This award is issued to any Amateur transmitting from, or receiving the transmission of, a QRP station such that the direct Great Circle Bearing distance between the two stations, divided by the QRP stations power output equals or exceeds 1000 Miles per Watt.

I would like to thank the Award Manager of QRP ARCI, Jay W5JAY, for the great help he provided. The acquisition of the award certificates went out smoothly with his help. 


Posted by Roel DV1VHK on June 9, 2011 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (1)


Thanks for visiting my site.

I always wanted to have a website of my own.

They said that a spark is needed to start a fire.

Here is the spark, see the fire coming.

Visit the site often!

You will surely see interesting thing that I have been wasting my time on.

Happy reading.

73 to All.

eDX (25 Confirmed Countries) Award for the QRP Station of DV1VHK

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on April 21, 2011 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The first ever award of my QRP station is received today. The award is called eDX25 award from eQSL.cc. This is for the confirmed 2-way QSO of my station with amateur stations in 25 countries.

I would like to thank the 25 good stations who responded to the whisper of my QRP station. I was amazed by the distance my 5 watts has covered so far.

Eyeing for the next 25 stations/countries!