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ePFX300 Award

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on April 29, 2012 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Received my ePFX300 award from eQSL.cc today. The award is issued for successful 2-way contact with amateur radio stations with 300 different callsign prefixes. ePFX300 Award rules can be found on this link.

BV100 - Republic of China (Taiwan) Centennial Celebration through amateur radio

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on January 30, 2012 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Republic of China (Taiwan) celebrated its founding centenary on 2011. Part of the celebration was through amateur radio by a special call sign station BV100. BV100 was QRV from October 10, 2010 to December 31, 2011 on all Amateur bands and all modes. There is also an award program devised to encourage hams from different part of the world to join in this momentous event. Details of the award program can be found on this link.

My station was able to obtain the Dual Mode and Tri-Band awards. I would like to thank James BU2AT, BV100 Award Manager, and Yohn BV5DL for their assistance in processing my application and mailing the award certificates. 

For those who had made QSO's with BV100 and would like to join the award program, you can submit your application online until March 31, 2012 from this link.

Congratulations to BV100 for the successful celebration of Republic of China (Taiwan) Centennial through amateur radio.

73 and Mabuhay!


Posted by Roel DV1VHK on November 23, 2011 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm glad to share today the fruit of one year worth of digital QSO with stations around the world. After preparing the QSO logs at HRD Logbook (to comply with EPC, DMC, and CDG club requirements) and evaluation/on-line submission of application using the UltimateAAC (Ultimate Award Application Center) software, the following awards, 42 to be exact, were given to DV1VHK radio station:

(Click Award to check the mechanics of the award or the Serial # to view my certificate, alternatively, View from the Award album)

European PSK Club

Award Date Received Serial #

  1. ASSPA 100 16-Nov-11 2827
  2. ASSPA 200 16-Nov-11 1971
  3. AUPA Bronze 18-Nov-11 3155
  4. BQPA BPSK31 17-Nov-11  4192
  5. CQPSK 10 21-Nov-11  4564
  6. CQPSK 20 21-Nov-11  3342
  7. CRUMB 25 17-Nov-11  0241
  8. CRUMB 50 17-Nov-11  0108
  9. DXDA 100 19-Nov-11  2695
  10. EPCAS 18-Nov-11  3598
  11. EPCDX 18-Nov-11  4592
  12. EPCEU 18-Nov-11  4528
  13. EPCOC 18-Nov-11  1574
  14. EPCRU 17-Nov-11  3367
  15. EUSPA 17-Nov-11  4733
  16. ITUPSK 19 21-Nov-11  4058
  17. MGSPA 100 17-Nov-11  4220
  18. MGSPA 200 17-Nov-11  3437
  19. MWCA First 16-Nov-11  4032
  20. PHASE 50 21-Nov-11  3958
  21. PHPA 100 20-Nov-11  4965
  22. PHPA 200 20-Nov-11  4178
  23. RGSPA 55 17-Nov-11  2911
  24. RPXPA 18-Nov-11  3177
  25. RRPA  18-Nov-11  3561

Digital Modes Club

  1. DXCC 25 20-Nov-11  2355
  2. DXCC 50 20-Nov-11  2180
  3. Europa 5 20-Nov-11  4699
  4. Europa 10 20-Nov-11  4167
  5. Europa 15 20-Nov-11  3745
  6. ITU 5  20-Nov-11  2351
  7. ITU 10 20-Nov-11  2329
  8. ITU 20 20-Nov-11  2141
  9. ITU 30 20-Nov-11 1766
  10. Member 25 20-Nov-11  2339
  11. Member 50 20-Nov-11  2300
  12. Member 100 20-Nov-11  2176
  13. WAS 10 20-Nov-11  1598
  14. WAZ 10 20-Nov-11  2274
  15. WAZ 20 20-Nov-11  1901

Croatian Digital Group

  1. CDG DXCA 50 20-Nov-11  3038
  2. CDG ECA 25 20-Nov-11  3321


Happy award hunting to all.

EPC, DMC, and CDG Membership

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on November 16, 2011 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (1)

My station is now a member of the following prestigious digital mode clubs:

European PSK Club 

EPC#16766 <Certificate>

Digital Modes Club

DMC#04853 <Certificate>

Croatian Digital Group

CDG#0694 <Certificate>

I'm waiting also for my membership approval from the Belgian Digital Mode (BDM) Club.

I learned that these clubs are offering awards for members showing proof of digital QSO's.

I will prepare my one year worth of logs and see if I'm eligible for such awards.

73 to All!


Jan-5-2012 Update:

DV1VHK Radio Station is now a member of Belgium Digital Modes Club (Dec-20-2011) and European ROS Club (Jan-5-2012):

 Belgium Digital Modes Club

  BDM#01639 <Certificate>

 European ROS Club

  ERC#0763 <Certificate>

eDX (50 Confirmed Countries) Award for the QRP Station of DV1VHK

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on September 6, 2011 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Claimed the 2nd eQSL.cc award for eDX50.

I would like to thank the latest 5 stations who completed the 50 confirmed countires:

  1. 2M0YIO Brian - Scotland
  2. 4S7BRG Mario - Sri Lanka
  3. 4Z1TL Isaac - Israel
  4. JT1F Ulaanbaatar DX Club - Mongolia
  5. SV1BDO/3 Sotiris - Greece

And a lot of thanks as well for the other 20 stations.

KMPW Award for the Radio Station DV1VHK

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on June 17, 2011 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I received a second award for my QRP station. This time it's the KMPW (1000 Miles Per Watt) award from QRP Amateur Radio Club International.

This award is issued to any Amateur transmitting from, or receiving the transmission of, a QRP station such that the direct Great Circle Bearing distance between the two stations, divided by the QRP stations power output equals or exceeds 1000 Miles per Watt.

I would like to thank the Award Manager of QRP ARCI, Jay W5JAY, for the great help he provided. The acquisition of the award certificates went out smoothly with his help. 

eDX (25 Confirmed Countries) Award for the QRP Station of DV1VHK

Posted by Roel DV1VHK on April 21, 2011 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The first ever award of my QRP station is received today. The award is called eDX25 award from eQSL.cc. This is for the confirmed 2-way QSO of my station with amateur stations in 25 countries.

I would like to thank the 25 good stations who responded to the whisper of my QRP station. I was amazed by the distance my 5 watts has covered so far.

Eyeing for the next 25 stations/countries!